"" traces its roots to 1984 when a demand for materials from the ministry of Robert A. Sabin resulted from his focus on Teaching Others Who Jesus Really Is.   Oneness Ministries was born.  As pastor of Apostolic Bible Church (ABC) of St. Paul, Minnesota, since 1971, Robert Sabin traveled extensively throughout the world including Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Africa, Japan, Croatia, with frequent returns to St. Petersburg, Russia and different regions of India.

Working with my wife and I, and several other volunteers, we published the Oneness News & Journal periodical and distributed teaching tapes on the subject of the Oneness of God around the world. Robert Sabinís renown caused him to be invited to participate in a theological discussion of the nature of God on the nationally televised John Ankerberg Show with the late Dr. Walter Martin of the Christian Research Institute in 1985. Successive debates with Robert Bowman took place in 1990 and 1991.

Pastor Sabin retired from full-time ministry in October of 1997 but continued his teaching ministry until his health deteriorated the last two years of his life.He passed away October 15, 2014.He was my teacher, mentor, pastor, friend, stand-in grandfather to my children, and surrogate father to my wife and I.He introduced me to Jesus as the Mighty God.I embrace his memory every time I think about Jesus.

The outreach of Oneness Ministries has become limited over the years.We discontinued the sale of materials and distribution of the newsletter after Brother Sabin retired.I created the website using 1998 software and have since lost the expertise to keep up with advancements of the internet.God has blessed us with the opportunity to keep the website up and running. The teachings on the website alone have been a blessing to thousands worldwide.I continue as webmaster for but updates are rare.I respond to all inquiries eventually (literally years in some cases) but I am not very prompt.  

With Brother Sabinís passing, I have received a burden to revive and carry on his teachings through the website.Several of his associates were very interested and encouraging to continue his legacy.That accomplishment remains to be seen.

We appreciate your interest, hope you are blessed by your visit, and covet your prayers.  E-Mail us at . We attempt to reply to all inquiries and comments, but please be patient.


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