My name is Al. I work as an electrician and live in New Jersey.

Would you like a guarantee to go to heaven? It's real easy. All you have to do is accept Jesus Christ in your heart as your personal savior. Live your life as close as you could to Jesus when he was on earth.  Who ever you come across in life, treat them the same. Whether they are black, white, tall, short or purple, it does not matter. We are all the same in God's eyes. It's what you owe Him. He died on the Cross for everyones' sins. The Old Testament told us to follow the Ten Commandments to have eternity in Heaven but God saw that we sin. Not one of us would ever go to heaven. So God sent his only son, Jesus, to die for us. (In a sense though ), Jesus was God himself. I hope you choose not to take the hard road like I did. Allow me to tell you my testimony that clearly shows the power of Christ!!!

I got married to my wonderful wife in August of 1987. She was a Christian and I was a diehard Catholic. I am not bashing the Catholic religion.  But instead of praying to Mary and St. this one or St. that one, "Jesus said no one comes onto the father but through me." She, and other friends of mine that were also Christian would witness to me so much, in wanting to save me, I was sick of it. I did not want to hear it.

Then on November 5th, 1990, it happened. I was working on a 480 volt motor control center when it blew up in front of me. I was burned from my waist to the top of my head causing 2nd & 3rd degree burns over 23% of my Body. I also was blind because I had 3rd degree burns on the corneas in both eyes. I was rushed to St. Barnabas Burn Center in Livingston NJ. I had paramedics on board the ambulance injecting me with morphine but when your nerves are exposed to air, even that did not ease the pain. Once they got me into the emergency room, I went into cardiac arrest because traumatic shock had set in. It was at that precise moment  I was at total Peace.  A type of peace that cannot be explained in any other way but loving. There is nothing on earth that can compare. I was above clouds. The clouds went as wide as your peripheral vision can go. As I looked out, the clouds were brighter and brighter with a real bright but loving light at the other end.
I had an overwhelming feeling just to let go and drift towards the Light. I knew what that light was. It was the entrance to Heaven. At that time, I was 28 and had two sons. One was 2 yr. old and the other was 4 months.

I said "God , No!  I have a family to raise. Right after I said that all the sounds of the ER and the feeling of that excruciating pain came back. The doctors in the ER had coded me back to life.
( I only wonder if Dr.'s realize that their life saving techniques are the power of  God working Through them.)

The burn surgeons told my wife they were not sure if I would make it through the first 24 hours and if I survived, I would have to under go a series of skin graft operations because there was no skin over the 3rd degree burn areas that can regenerate. The eye surgeon told her that I would need a double cornea transplant to possibly restore 70% of my Vision.

Eight days after the accident, my sight started to come back. I was able to tell if a light was on or off.
A while longer, I was able to tell if someone was standing in front of me. After 3 months , I was back to having 20/20 vision in both eyes. After a year, my skin was fully healed with no scars and no surgery was needed.

If you look at me you would never imagine what I had gone through. The burn surgeons and eye surgeon all agreed that there was no medical reason for the way that I healed  They said if  I was not going to church,  I had better start. Because they declared these healings as a miracle of God.
We now belong to a Baptist Church in Glenwood, NJ.

I always believed that when it is your time to go, that's it. There is no coming back. I had wondered why God would allow me to see the entrance to heaven and then return me. I now know. God did not want to disfigure me. It was more like a kick in the butt, saying listen to what your wife and friends are saying. I had to take the Hard road  and be shown. "Blessed are the ones that believe with out seeing."

If It Happens in our life time (the Rapture)  those who are saved  will hear Gabriel's horn and look up to see Christ has come back to take us with him just before all hell breaks loose on Earth.
And I believe it will be people like the way I used to be that will be left here on earth to fight against the AntiChrist and die for Jesus. Because it will be then, that they realize, that it was true what Christians were saying to them. It might sound a bit morbid, but I look forward to the day I die   because heaven is such a peaceful, loving place.

In His Name,
Al Monzo

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